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Jakamat™ - Acupressure Massage Mat

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Give your entire body a complete Acupressure Treatment every day.

No costly spas or therapists required. The Jakamat­™ comes with a specially designed mat and pillow. It features a unique layer of Lotus-shaped pressure pins that activate your nerves and put your body into complete relaxation mode.

Sleeping on the mat will relieve you from all kinds of muscular and joint pains, stress, sleeping disorders and improve the functioning of all your muscles from head to toe. 

  • This mat features hundreds of acupressure points that gently add pressure to all the nerve endings and muscles around the neck, head, back, and legs.

  • Boosts blood circulation throughout your entire body and gives you a euphoric rush of endorphins.

  • Just lying down for 10-20 minutes a day will give you all the benefits and effects of pain relief of the body and mind.

  • You will experience improved levels of energy, focus, and memory.

  • Use it just prior to your bedtime for an increased sleep quality.


Pillow : 15,74 x 5,9 inches
Mat : 26 x 16,5 inches

How to use it ?

Normally, you should lie down on the Jakamat™ unclothed; but this is for more advanced users. We recommend to beginners to put a towel between the mat and your skin. This practice will help you to learn where your pressure points are and how to use them to your advantage.

acupressure mat position

The Jakamat™ can be placed on a flat surface like beds, couches, or on the floor. If you are using this mat on the floor, feel free to add an additional towel in order to provide cushion, until you feel comfortable with the sensation.

The length of each acupressure session will vary depending on your level of experience.
Beginners, can start with 5 minutes session daily;
For intermediate users, we advise you to use it daily for at least 15 minutes;
Advanced users, should stay at least 30 minutes daily.
Using it multiple times a day for shorter durations is also a good approach.

Acupressure mat benefits

Tip : Make sure to have the weight of your body evenly distributed across the mat. The pinpoints are sharp and you could puncture your skin if you concentrate the pressure on a small area.

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